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Learning Path - Data Modeling

We have taken a few of the fundamental articles of our website and ordered them in such a way so that it helps a newcomer or a learner to grasp the concept from beginning. Please check below

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Top 50 DWBI Interview Questions with Answers - Part 3

Continuation to our collection of Data Warehouse Conceptual Questions.

Top 50 DWBI Interview Questions with Answers - Part 2

This article is the continuation of the article "Top 50 DWBI Interview Questions with Answers"

Top 50 Data Warehousing/Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

This article attempts to explain the rudimentary concepts of data warehousing in the form of typical data warehousing interview questions along with their standard answers. After reading this article, you should gain good amount of knowledge on various concepts of data warehousing.

Best Informatica Interview Questions & Answers

Welcome to the finest collection of Informatica Interview Questions with standard answers that you can count on. Read and understand all the questions and their answers below and in the following pages to get a good grasp in Informatica.

Top 50 SAP Business Objects Data Services (BODS) Interview Questions with Answers

Learn the answers of some critical questions commonly asked during SAP BO Data Services interview.

Best BusinessObjects (BO) Interview Questions and Answers

This article is the continuation of Top 30 BusinessObjects (BO) Interview Questions and Answers". If you have not already read that, please start with that article first.

Top 30 BusinessObjects interview questions (BO) with Answers

Welcome to the finest collection of SAP BusinessObjects (BO a.k.a BOBJ) Interview Questions with standard Answers. Based on our years of experience in BusinessObjects reporting tool, we have hand-picked these questions and provided to-the-point answers to each one of them so as to help you prepare better for BusinessObjects job interviews.

Top 5 BusinessObjects (BO) Scenario Based Questions

In this tutorial, we will look into some of the fundamental and widely asked scenario based questions in BusinessObjects (BO) interviews. Let's get started.

Top 25 Unix interview questions with answers (Part I)

This article attempts to refresh your Unix skills in the form of a question/answer based Unix tutorial on Unix command lines. The commands discussed here are particularly useful for the developers working in the middle-tier (e.g. ETL) systems, where they may need to interact with several linux source systems for data retrieval.

Top 20 SQL Interview Questions with Answers

SQL is a language for accessing and manipulating database standardized by ANSI. To be successful with database-centric applications (which includes most of the applications Data Warehousing domain), one must be strong enough in SQL. In this article, we will learn more about SQL by breaking the subject in the form of several question-answer sessions commonly asked in Interviews.

Published 9 months ago under SQL

Hadoop DataLake Implementation Part 10

In this article we will create oozie workflow to orchestrate the daily loading of showroom dimension table from MySQL source to HDFS using Sqoop, followed by Loading data from HDFS to Hive warehouse using Hive and finally housekkeping & archive.

Hadoop DataLake Implementation Part 9

In this article we will load our final fact table i.e. stock. in hadoop datalake.

Hadoop DataLake Implementation Part 8

In this article we will load our first fact table into Hive warehouse which is sales transactions.

Hadoop DataLake Implementation Part 7

In this article we will load our master data table ‘Product’ as Slowly Changing Dimension of Type 2 to maintain full history, so as to analyze the sales and stocks data with reference to the historical master data.